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We love stationery. In fact, we're absolutely mad about it!

We notice things like the weight of the paper used in a notebook or the quality of covering materials, and extra details such as grosgrain ribbons and head and tail bands matter to us. Our intention is to create beautiful, luxurious, useful stationery at an affordable price.

Our founder created MUM’s Office in 2006 and on the 10th anniversary was reflecting on how far they had come and where the future was going to take them. MUM’s Office family diaries weren't just being used by mums, or families even! Customers loved the revolutionaryGRID format and that is why they used the diaries. We realised that we could create a stationery range without all the family inferences - a new range of luxurious stationery for the price-conscious consumer was conceived and BLOX Stationery was founded in 2016!