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The GRID layout of the Week-To-View is what BLOX Stationery diaries and planners are all about.

See your weekly schedule at a glance and minimise scheduling chaos.

Use the left hand page for your appointments and the columns opposite however best suits you! They can be used for your university assignments and deadlines, your children's activities, or your partner's. You can use the GRID to write lists, plan your meals, keep track of your fitness regime, record projects, school homework, assignments, or college commitments, log your work days and hours - anything!

These diaries and planners are ideal for anyone with busy lives and are particularly used by teachers, students, shift/flexi workers and people with different things going on in their lives.

There are 2 sizes to choose from.  The smaller BLOX Diary / BLOX Academic Diary is A5 in size and has 3 columns and the larger BLOX Planner / BLOX Academic Planner has 4 columns.


The BLOX Diary / The BLOX Academic Diary


The BLOX Academic Diary: It's All About The GRID 

The BLOX Planner / The BLOX Academic Planner


The BLOX Academic Planner: It's All About The GRID